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HOUNDtober is here & it started at the Forest of Fear

Posted in Luscious on October 10, 2011 by Luscious

Oh My Gawd! We had a crazy amount of fun at the Forest of Fear. If it had gotten any more fun it would have been illegal… that sound right? Thank so much to Wanda for making it happen! Hound Comics got their SPOOKY FUN TIME on all weekend.

We got to see Brimstone in the live action show Monster Smash, alongside a zombie, a werewolf and some sexy vampires… I almost jumped in and bit down on something myself… but I was busy scarfing down some yummy tummy wings from the food shack… which by the way is an awesome boarded up Zombie Killing Team base where Tara made sure I was never goings hungry, Luscious loves you baby! Love the Wings!

NECROCIDE! We got to show people the special issue jam packed with zombies and fighting! Peoples was digging it.

We also had some fun and mysticism thrown on us by Nina who gave Mina, Etan, Tommy and Lush special readings. Ooh, she left us with our minds thinking and blinking! I gots me one of her special new kind of reading called Juju! Thanks in the multiples going out to you girl! I still got my Lucky Charm! I’m waiting for the book!

COFFIN RIDE… I gots boxed in and buried… wanna know what I mean… you’ll see

Make sure you check out all the promos we did from the Forest of Fear while we was there!

And I GOTTA GOTTA GOTTA a super special thanks to who got Lush his Purple Precious Boa! People where digging it and wanting photos. Those feathers from really are PARTY Feathers! Look at the vibrant color on them feathers… love it!

OH YEAH. Keep an eye out for footage of our time at the forest!

FOREST OF FEAR baby, it’s there till October 30th… go get scared!

New York Comic Con, Wizard World Ohio and Allentown Comic Con… you better be ready for Lush.



Scranton & Beyond (by beyond I means like Halloween and Turkey Day)

Posted in Luscious on September 28, 2011 by Luscious

We did done have us some fun at The Scranton Comic Book Convention.

Saw me this really awesome skull shaped paddle by S.A.N. Emporium. Just don’t hit me with it!

Also bumped into a few familiar faces and their art work like Amy Chace, Chris Grillo and Gerry Stankiewicz (who in my mind are the Foot Fetish Comic Lady, The Ninjas Don’t Knit guy and the Cartoon Art dude.)

Met a dude who if looking to start his own comic, so I was all like GO DO IT BOY! So I will’s be waiting on it. It better be good! Wonder if he’ll have chicken, or give me a cameo… hmmm.

Also saw Chris from the Allentown Comic Con… again… I think he is stalking Luscious… but its my chicken and I ain’t sharing! Next time we meet its on his turf… but I will have the Brimstone and more Hound Comics people with me… I think we gonna rumble at the Great Allentown Comic Con in November… ain’t Thanksgiving in November? I hope they gome some turkey… Gobble Gobble!

But before then we got the New York Comic Con and Ohio Wizard World but they still gotta wait cause Luscious is gonna be scaring it up at Forest of Fear in Tuxedo NY… does I gotta wear me a tux? That forest is a Halloween thingy so you know that’s gonna be double mint FUN… I wants me some candy now!

And speaking of Halloween… are y’all ready for the special Brimstone & The Borderhounds issue NECROCIDE? Thiago did made himself a nice scary issue just for Halloween… trick or treat!

So tell me who’s heard of the following places for Chicken?  KFC, Kennedy Fried Chicken, Wings & Things, Popeyes, Church’s… WE NEED TO EXTEND THIS LIST! Send me the names of some places y’all go to!

Posted in Luscious on August 19, 2011 by Luscious

Check out the HOUND COMICS crew at Wizard World Chicago!
Here’s the 3 part video series.

You guys can check out more videos at
Go to Media then Video Gallery

Get ready OHIO you’re NEXT!

 B A C O C K ! ! !


Posted in Luscious on July 12, 2011 by Luscious

Y’all need to watch this and learn. We having a contest, and you’re ALL invited!
You gotta dress to impress. I wanna see some lovely Luscious’, brooding Brimstones, or dingy Dawgs.

The Great Luscious Costume Contest

Those of you in Chicago get to do it in person!

So watch the video and check back later for more details. OH YEAH BABY!

and be sure to LIKE me Luscious and the rest of The Borderhounds on Facebook

More from Philly

Posted in Luscious on July 1, 2011 by Luscious

Got some more eye candy from you to enjoy from Philly. Take a look and let your eyes taste the goodness that is Luscious with the funness that was the Philly Con.

Got a shot with the Joker, whose toys might not be as high tech as Batman’s… but they are way more fun.

Tommy Castillo almost knifes me, The Terminator asks me if I seen some kid, and we get to see who is more beautiful… me or Playboy Playmate Sandra Taylor.

I also put some other photos on my Facebook page so be sure to look there too. One of my favs is there… me with a certain Smallville cast member, you know… one of the good ol’ boys.

Oooh Philly, You Sweet Thingy!

Posted in Luscious on June 24, 2011 by Luscious

Hot doggy damn!

Philly was crazy fun. Big hello to all those we met and had fun with.

Here’s the run down…

I went around doing photos with the cosplayers here and there. Did a bunch of press. People be asking Luscious bout this and that. Cameras on my beautiful self, video and clickers. Even sang a little ditty for Mindtrickd Media so go check that out. So many people walking around, it felt like an airport.

Saturday night we SANG! We hosted karaoke at the West Tavern, home of the dirty burger. And DAMN did that thing’s flavor go BOOM! We got to go into the kitchen and cook up some dirty burgers. And Yours truly got to cook up some dirty wings. And it was all caught on camera. You gonna have to wait till you see it.And the singing… WOO. Half of us barely had a voice come Sunday Morning. We got so loud and rowdy the floor was shaking. Especially when ME and Wolverine got up and sang a crazy rendition of Lady Ga Ga’s Bad Romance. It got loud, the crowd was louder then us, and we had the microphones. Bacock!

Here’s just few of the shots from the weekend.

Mina working like a fiend



Who you Gonna Call?

Joker and art

We taking it to the streets.

They wanted the glasses!

And yes I gots me a Philly Cheesesteak!

People this was fun. We gots to do this again. Send me photos of you and me if y’all were there. Send me an e-mail either way if you got questions too.


And always remember to BACOCK!

Big Apple Con got Chicken?

Posted in Luscious on May 18, 2011 by Luscious

So this weekend is the Big Apple Comic Con and Luscious is gonna be there. What’s Luscious to bring with him? I don’t know what they got at these thangs. I heard there’s gonna be a bunch of artists, toys (I likes me some toys) and tons of comic stuff. Brimstone gonna be there chillin along with the Luscious man himself.

BUT DO THEY GOT CHICKEN? I hope so and if not… if some of y’all is coming then bring me some.

Gonna take me some photos and talk me to some famous peeps.
Hope to see you there peoples!