2012 [allentown, nycbm, pittsburgh & more]

Ok, its been a while since I threw some words at you people. But here we go.

Its 2012 and we got stuff coming up but lets take a look see at what’s been done all ready.

ALLENTOWN          . 
We started the 2012 Tour at Allentown. This place is always fun and the people is always great. I swear I like it more and more each time we go there. And guess what… we go back again later this year. I am waiting on the fun to be had baby. Just like last time we had the big ol crew from Hound Comics.

NYCBM          . 
Big in the Big Apple we hit the New York Comic Book Marketplace. Stan Lee was in the house doing his thing as were we. Always fun when we in NYC.

Brimstone & the Border Hound release party @ CHELSEA MANOR NYC
PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! Hound Comics did done have us a fun time! It was almost the entire crew there. We had Erica Schultz fromm M3, both Chris Notareli(s) from The Protector and Jose Hernandez Jr and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal in the house. We had a great time and made some awesome announcements like our future plans with EastSport backpacks, DiscoverDirty.com and more.

This fun shindig took place at Chelsea Manor in NYC. I love me this place and its food. Special thanks to Ann Marie for helping us get this happy time going. and Another thanks to her and Jack Daniels Honey for the special drinks they came up with named after me ( The Luscious Purple Boa), The Brimstone Red and the Bumblefoot Bumbleshot.

Also announced The Big Fat Book of Luscious Chicken! the book is here and the recipes taste great people. Go get yourself one… now: http://houndcomics.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=66

Also announced your chance to winan EastSport backpack with custom art from our Queen of Quirky Mina Sanwald, who also did the art in the cook book so you know it looks awesome. You got till the end of May to win so go sign up: http://www.eastsport.com/houndcomics

Big thanks to Champion Eye Media for capturing the night’s fun through the camera lens.

This was one fine fun time. Got to see some familiar faces (What up Byron!) And made new friends. Had people picking up the cook book and lovin it. This was also your first chance to get a hod of the upcoming “Luscious: Rikers Island” issue of Brimstone & the Borderhounds. We had Jose Hernandez Jr joining us at the table and got to see Sam Carlin, the man who Inked the special Luscious comic.







I also got to play minster for a wedding between Beetlejuice and VooDoo Baby.






Oh yeah Stan Lee also came by the Hound Comics booth to say hello. I think he walked away with a copy of the cook book, now that’s some very nice niceness there.

So now looking forward to the rest of the year and the rest of the tour.


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