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End of the Year…

Posted in Luscious on December 31, 2011 by Luscious

So here we come to a close of 2011, and did everyone have fun? I sure do hope so. Has everyone taken the time to look back at what they have done this year or what they hope to do next year?

This past year Luscious has:

  • eaten a dirty burger (Ian Russo you done made heaven on earth… and its DIRTY! Discover Dirty)
  • been to a pumpkin festival
  • got me new feathers (thanks
  • hit NYCC like a feathery fiend… and left feathers everywhere)
  • Got to see myself as a kids book Character (Crashbat)
  • got to see the original BatChopper (I touched it)
  • got turned into a plush doll (Its so FLUFFY!!)
  • Got to sing Lady GaGa with Wolverine?? (Iam Logan)
  • FOREST OF FEAR, omg so much fun.
  • Met so MANY people at all the places Hound Comics hit I wish I could remember ALL the names.

But that’s just one year in a lifetime of years still to come. So many other things I could list here, but it would take forever to put it all down. You wanna join me this coming year? Lets make it count people. Let’s make it fun.

And check out HOUND COMIC’s year end video.

2012… what you got for me?!?


p.s. – the rumor is true… a Luscious song is in the works. WhaT?!?