New Jersey Comic Expo a.k.a. Batman-a-thon!

We descended upon NJ at the Teaneck, NJ Armory for the NJ Comic Expo like they was we always do. I was like “Ooh, look a tank!” but then once inside it was “Ooh, look… Batmobiles” cause they was all plural. This place was nice and they it was all full of comics and cars. There was more than one Batmobile and I just don’t mean automobiles. There was a Batcycle, Batmobiles from the 60’s and even the Batmodile from the Michael Keaton Batman movie. It was cool to see those cars, and I would have tried to drie one away, but they don’t make pretty cars like that my size. Although I probably could have made away in the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, but they would gone back in time and caught me with the Back to the Future Delorean that was there.

And did I mention the BatmEn? Yes I said MEN. Cause they were more of them there then there were Batmobiles. You had your 60’s Batman and a couple of Dark Knight Batmans. There was even a Joker riddler and Catwoman… OMG CATWOMAN! You know who else was there? Lee Meriwether… ooooooh she was nice. I got a nice shot her Lee and Camille from who was done up in her Catwoman best! Meow, baby!

And also the Batcopter! We got to see that sukka fly in and land outside. Then all the cosplayers came out and took photos with it. Good thing the Chopper wasn’t shy. And then at the end of the Con ol’ Lush here got to film that whirlybird take off into the night.

But the weekend was all about Batman!

Hound Comics was proud to debut its newest title The Protector! And we had both Notarile’s there, Father & Son. Dad does the art and son does the story, how cool is that?!? And The Protector himself showed up too! We got to hang out like Superhero Rockstars. You gotta check out this new title, as it became the talk of the Con. I still got to get myself a copy. But you can check out the book yourself click here


And for a sec I thought I was seeing double! I go over to the Back to the Future car so I can gets a nice close uplook at it and the next thing I see is Chris Notarile, who left his Blinky Productions booth for a sec, was messing around with the Marty McFly look-a-like! Luckily I was able to gets a photo. These guys were always checking their watches like they was late for something.

Up next… The Great Allentown Comic Con! Can’t wait, Allentown is always fun! We’re gonna have almost the entire Hound Comics team with us! So you gotta come down! It’s gonna be a party at our booth!

But before we go can someone tell Nick Fury… No smoking near the gas trucks! I don’t care if its his military team, its still dangerous.


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