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Posted in Luscious on October 25, 2011 by Luscious

We did so much stuff in Ohio, where do I start? Hmmm, let me think.

Pumpkin Show!
The day before the Comic Con we had time to go around and look around and see what Ohio gots. And we come across a
Pumpkin Show in Circleville. This was an all out takeover of Main St. with rides, a parade, vendors, and foods… pumpkin foods.  We got a chance to eat a pumpkin burger, that’s right pumpkin burger!

While everyone was enjoying the fun I gots to look at some old school Americana buildings, it was like jumping back in time.

Luscious loves him some cool architecture, didn’t know that did you!

Me and Etan even got to go in a traveling reptile show and see some cool snakes, they even had a Black Mamba, not to be confused with a Black Mambo which I been knows to do… don’t ask. And we came across a pumpkin pyramid and got to take photos next to the largest pumpkins I done ever seen… they were huge, they bold, they were beautiful… kinda like me, BACOCK!

By the way, I noticed Ohio has a large amount of red heads. What’s up with that? That’s a lot of gingers per something… made me almost want to go Ginger Snapping… ha ha, kidding… maybe.

Ohio Comic Con
As soon as we walked in, there was one thing you had to see… the ceiling. It was all lights of many colors… and they changed colors too, that was some coolness I was not prepared for.  The day went by really fast and really good.  The doors opened like a flood gate and people came rushing in. We spent so much time talking to people I must have drank like 3 gallons of water.

I signed a lot of Brimstone and the Borderhounds issues and even got to sign a couple of T-Shirts and make some people smile, KEEP SMILING YOU!

And then the fun continued into day 2! More signing, more fun, more feathers!

Got to see the world’s first giant glass etched comic book. WOWIE WAH WAH! This thing was big and lit up. And it’s creator, Wade Gugino, was a fun guy… just look at his pose. It speaks a million words.

Did I mention the cosplayers? These are the people that make these events extra fun! Here is a small gallery of what I got to see. I got special kick out of the little Weeping Angel who made my day. Big HELLO to the ladies who visited and chatted with Luscious as The Doctor and Rose (from the Idiot’s Lantern episode) and then came back on day 2 as Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann.

Got to meet and hang out with some cool cats like:

Douglas R. Brown author of “The Light of Epertase” trilogy and whose book about werewolves called “Tamed” I gotta wait till January for, DAMN IT!



Byron Winton whose awesome art I got to take home, aw yeah! His booth was right next to Hound Comics, so we got to chat it up. Thanks again!


Eric Adam who does Lackluster Word, a comic book about an albino, who would have thunk? I got me the first issue, that’s right Luscious reads!

Also writer and creator of  Zombie Chuck,  Brian Fyffe.

To all you guys, sorry if I left some feathers behind, that’s just how I roll!

And to the Mohawk guys… great hair, it as fun chatting… don’t think I got your names though.


Ohio Comic Con 2011



CiCi’s Pizza     .
Do I really need to say anything? You can just watch the video and see the fun.


zaik     .
At the end of Day 1 the Hound Comics team went over just a block to this place that rocked called  Mözaik. We got to film a Tid Bit and so much fun. This place, while it’s more a night club bar kinda atmosphere (which I liked the night, I likes to boogie) had some great food. I myself had something tasty called Chicken Satay… I can still taste it in my mouth. Check out the video to see how much fun this place can drop on you!


El Vaquero     .
Flavor party! We descended on great Mexican food at El Vaquero in Columbus, Ohio. The food had so much flavor, the whole group of us were taking bites out of each other’s plates. One highlight was the guacamole! We got to see how it’s made as the owner came to our table and chopped sliced and mashed the avocados into a green beautiful paste. Got to see another balloon Luscious get made, but my heart still belongs to another. Brimstone and I then attacked the kitchen to see how the food gets rocked! And we ended the night with fried ice cream… its ice cream, you know the cold stuff… but it’s been fried… SAY WHAT!

So that was Ohio. I got more photos from the trip… just check out my Facebook page or check  media page where you can find more photos and videos.


HOUNDtober is here & it started at the Forest of Fear

Posted in Luscious on October 10, 2011 by Luscious

Oh My Gawd! We had a crazy amount of fun at the Forest of Fear. If it had gotten any more fun it would have been illegal… that sound right? Thank so much to Wanda for making it happen! Hound Comics got their SPOOKY FUN TIME on all weekend.

We got to see Brimstone in the live action show Monster Smash, alongside a zombie, a werewolf and some sexy vampires… I almost jumped in and bit down on something myself… but I was busy scarfing down some yummy tummy wings from the food shack… which by the way is an awesome boarded up Zombie Killing Team base where Tara made sure I was never goings hungry, Luscious loves you baby! Love the Wings!

NECROCIDE! We got to show people the special issue jam packed with zombies and fighting! Peoples was digging it.

We also had some fun and mysticism thrown on us by Nina who gave Mina, Etan, Tommy and Lush special readings. Ooh, she left us with our minds thinking and blinking! I gots me one of her special new kind of reading called Juju! Thanks in the multiples going out to you girl! I still got my Lucky Charm! I’m waiting for the book!

COFFIN RIDE… I gots boxed in and buried… wanna know what I mean… you’ll see

Make sure you check out all the promos we did from the Forest of Fear while we was there!

And I GOTTA GOTTA GOTTA a super special thanks to who got Lush his Purple Precious Boa! People where digging it and wanting photos. Those feathers from really are PARTY Feathers! Look at the vibrant color on them feathers… love it!

OH YEAH. Keep an eye out for footage of our time at the forest!

FOREST OF FEAR baby, it’s there till October 30th… go get scared!

New York Comic Con, Wizard World Ohio and Allentown Comic Con… you better be ready for Lush.