Scranton & Beyond (by beyond I means like Halloween and Turkey Day)

We did done have us some fun at The Scranton Comic Book Convention.

Saw me this really awesome skull shaped paddle by S.A.N. Emporium. Just don’t hit me with it!

Also bumped into a few familiar faces and their art work like Amy Chace, Chris Grillo and Gerry Stankiewicz (who in my mind are the Foot Fetish Comic Lady, The Ninjas Don’t Knit guy and the Cartoon Art dude.)

Met a dude who if looking to start his own comic, so I was all like GO DO IT BOY! So I will’s be waiting on it. It better be good! Wonder if he’ll have chicken, or give me a cameo… hmmm.

Also saw Chris from the Allentown Comic Con… again… I think he is stalking Luscious… but its my chicken and I ain’t sharing! Next time we meet its on his turf… but I will have the Brimstone and more Hound Comics people with me… I think we gonna rumble at the Great Allentown Comic Con in November… ain’t Thanksgiving in November? I hope they gome some turkey… Gobble Gobble!

But before then we got the New York Comic Con and Ohio Wizard World but they still gotta wait cause Luscious is gonna be scaring it up at Forest of Fear in Tuxedo NY… does I gotta wear me a tux? That forest is a Halloween thingy so you know that’s gonna be double mint FUN… I wants me some candy now!

And speaking of Halloween… are y’all ready for the special Brimstone & The Borderhounds issue NECROCIDE? Thiago did made himself a nice scary issue just for Halloween… trick or treat!

So tell me who’s heard of the following places for Chicken?  KFC, Kennedy Fried Chicken, Wings & Things, Popeyes, Church’s… WE NEED TO EXTEND THIS LIST! Send me the names of some places y’all go to!


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