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Posted in Luscious on July 12, 2011 by Luscious

Y’all need to watch this and learn. We having a contest, and you’re ALL invited!
You gotta dress to impress. I wanna see some lovely Luscious’, brooding Brimstones, or dingy Dawgs.

The Great Luscious Costume Contest

Those of you in Chicago get to do it in person!

So watch the video and check back later for more details. OH YEAH BABY!

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More from Philly

Posted in Luscious on July 1, 2011 by Luscious

Got some more eye candy from you to enjoy from Philly. Take a look and let your eyes taste the goodness that is Luscious with the funness that was the Philly Con.

Got a shot with the Joker, whose toys might not be as high tech as Batman’s… but they are way more fun.

Tommy Castillo almost knifes me, The Terminator asks me if I seen some kid, and we get to see who is more beautiful… me or Playboy Playmate Sandra Taylor.

I also put some other photos on my Facebook page so be sure to look there too. One of my favs is there… me with a certain Smallville cast member, you know… one of the good ol’ boys.