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Oooh Philly, You Sweet Thingy!

Posted in Luscious on June 24, 2011 by Luscious

Hot doggy damn!

Philly was crazy fun. Big hello to all those we met and had fun with.

Here’s the run down…

I went around doing photos with the cosplayers here and there. Did a bunch of press. People be asking Luscious bout this and that. Cameras on my beautiful self, video and clickers. Even sang a little ditty for Mindtrickd Media so go check that out. So many people walking around, it felt like an airport.

Saturday night we SANG! We hosted karaoke at the West Tavern, home of the dirty burger. And DAMN did that thing’s flavor go BOOM! We got to go into the kitchen and cook up some dirty burgers. And Yours truly got to cook up some dirty wings. And it was all caught on camera. You gonna have to wait till you see it.And the singing… WOO. Half of us barely had a voice come Sunday Morning. We got so loud and rowdy the floor was shaking. Especially when ME and Wolverine got up and sang a crazy rendition of Lady Ga Ga’s Bad Romance. It got loud, the crowd was louder then us, and we had the microphones. Bacock!

Here’s just few of the shots from the weekend.

Mina working like a fiend



Who you Gonna Call?

Joker and art

We taking it to the streets.

They wanted the glasses!

And yes I gots me a Philly Cheesesteak!

People this was fun. We gots to do this again. Send me photos of you and me if y’all were there. Send me an e-mail either way if you got questions too.


And always remember to BACOCK!