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Big Apple Con got Chicken?

Posted in Luscious on May 18, 2011 by Luscious

So this weekend is the Big Apple Comic Con and Luscious is gonna be there. What’s Luscious to bring with him? I don’t know what they got at these thangs. I heard there’s gonna be a bunch of artists, toys (I likes me some toys) and tons of comic stuff. Brimstone gonna be there chillin along with the Luscious man himself.

BUT DO THEY GOT CHICKEN? I hope so and if not… if some of y’all is coming then bring me some.

Gonna take me some photos and talk me to some famous peeps.
Hope to see you there peoples!


Reading if Fun and Mental!

Posted in Luscious on May 2, 2011 by Luscious

I hope you all know how to read, otherwise why you looking at the letters on my blog? But FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is on its way and its time to get your read on! Take the kids to your local comic store and get them reading. LUSCIOUS SAYS SO! There’s tons of stuff there. They’ll find something. And if not… get them some chicken, its always good.

And along with this day The Borderhounds got a contest going on, yall!

CONTEST FOR FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! It’s here and SO easy to win! Top three referrers to get people to ‘LIKEThe Borderhounds page on Facebook win FREE comic books! Just make sure whomever you send tells who sent them by commenting on the page!

Contest ends this Saturday 8pm EST, May 7th, aka Free Comic Book Day. Winners will be announced Monday May 9th, 10am EST.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Oh Yeah!