Party, party, party

We did the Issue 2 premier in NYC and had tons of fun. I got myself dressed up and wore myself a tie, in the color of dirty pink. Got my photo taken like crazy left and right. Met new people, saw old friend. And got to see the preview of the Animated series. I’M A CARTOON! Well I always been one, just took time to make everyone else see it. Big ups and thanks to the people at Floating Pear Productions. They did capture the awesomeness of myself.

Got me some GOOOD chicken that night too. I was ready to attack the kitchen and demand more. Stone Creek got a tasty Chicken Kebab you gotta have. And speaking of chicken. I’m in the works on something just as tasty. Keep an eye out. I’ll tell you more soon.

Oh did I tell you about Chewbacca ? No? Well remind me to tells you!

I’m gonna find me some photos soon of my night out and let you see how fun the night was. But for now check out the Brimstone and the Borderhounds: The Animated Series sneak peek:

I’m still dancing to the music that Bumblefoot did.

see ya soon…



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